Michelle Northey October 13, 2019 4 min read

Picking from the Patch: How AI Makes Choosing Benefits as Easy as Choosing a Pumpkin

AI and benefits selection

In our family, we have one rule about picking pumpkins; you must be able to carry it from the pumpkin patch back to the car. This challenge requires our three children to be thoughtful about which pumpkin to pick and resist the urge to run to the largest one they see. As a side note, it also helped to manage parent responsibility of juggling multiple pumpkins – but that’s another topic.

What does pumpkin picking have to do with employee benefits? Besides coinciding in the fall, they both require decision-making. Additionally, the features and variety of combinations can be many – so employers can help make it almost as easy as choosing a pumpkin.

How do you know where to start? At work, your benefits choices may have a variety of packages and options - which plan is best, how much coverage do you really need, who needs to be covered in your family, and how much to pay for deductibles and so on.

At the pumpkin patch, there are piles of pumpkins to pick from – large, small, round, bumpy, curly stem, no stem and the combinations are endless. You can also expect hot cider, hay bales and some good photo ops! The actual pumpkin selection has a high degree of personal preference and the selection criteria is extremely subjective.

Back at work, picking benefits also involves personal preference and some subjectivity! There are likely several benefits offerings to consider, with many choices for deductibles, levels of coverage and plan types. Here’s where the data science comes into play.

Simply put, data science is the study of gaining insights and knowledge from any type of data. It involves developing methods of recording, storing, and analyzing data. It also involves effectively leveraging the most important information from many data points. Data science helps artificial intelligence tools figure out solutions to problems by linking similar data.

The advantages of AI and benefits selection

    1. AI personalizes benefits selection
    2. Artificial intelligence helps employees choose an optimal health plan
    3. Intelligent decision support cuts employer costs

Read our blog for a deep dive into employee benefits and AI!

Now back to assisting employees with tools to choose benefits… here is where a decision support solution can drive value. When you arm employees with solutions that use artificial intelligence to predict, prescribe and personalize recommendations that enhance benefits selection, employees will derive value during this process. Enabling thoughtful choices powered by broad data sets and personalized inputs will empower better decision-making with confidence.

After you are done sipping your pumpkin spice latte, walking through the corn maze, and choosing the perfect pumpkin, click here to learn how benefitexpress can simplify benefits selection for your employees!