Vanguard Council: Leading the Way in Industry Development

Written by Lorraine Holly | July 13, 2017

ACA Development Changes

Lorraine Holly, one of our Sales Executives, spent the past six months as chair of NAHU's Vanguard Council. To celebrate her achievements with the council and our continued commitment to our brokers, we asked her to share her experience.

As the Vanguard Council Chair for the National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU) this past year, it was my honor to work with an amazing team of individuals who have dedicated themselves to the leadership and growth of this association.

Change seems to have been the theme of my time with the Vanguard Council. From an ever-shifting political climate to change-ups within the organization itself, this year has been a test of how adaptable our industry can be.

Our top focus this year was on the Vanguard Council Goes to College Program. The goal of this forward-thinking program was to recruit college students around the country and place them at internships within their region. As is customary with most internships, students would have the ability to soak in all this great knowledge and expertise that senior brokers have earned over the past 20 to 30 years. In turn, students could cross-mentor with their ideas on the latest technology and marketing trends. This would engender a collaborative relationship, not just a one-sided conversation. We officially launched the internship program last year and kicked it off at the University of Houston. Long term, we intend to recruit and place students in internships.

From a political perspective, we saw a new leader enter the White House and propose a significant change to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or Obamacare. Whether this change will be for the better or worse is too soon to say. In any case, this something to which we’ve become accustomed: change. For the past eight years, this industry has been diligently responding to ACA developments. Whether you’re a carrier, broker, or employer – we have all had to completely change the way we offered, managed, and enrolled in benefits.

While the industry saw a lot of negative changes, there were also areas that grew significantly with the ACA – especially technology. The ACA led this industry into the 21st century from a technology perspective and helped foster a collaborative relationship between brokers, carriers, employers, and vendors across the nation. Using technology to streamline processes and create efficiencies was a great change for our industry and one that continues to evolve for the better.

As a leadership council, we tried to focus on members who were forward-thinking and moved away from the status quo. We are the future and the stewards of this industry. As an association, we need to continue to evolve with each generation, learning from the experts of the past as we bring forth the new breed of health insurance experts.

All in all, it’s been a great year, and I’m excited to pass on the proverbial baton. As the new chair takes over, I know she will do great things to support this industry and I wish all in the Vanguard Council well.

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