After Saving Clients Upwards of $50 million in Potential Federal Penalties, benefitexpress Announces Enhanced ACA Services

Written by benefitexpress | June 28, 2016

ACA Compliant Services

benefitexpress, the leading middle market, cloud-based platform for employee benefits and health exchange services, has announced a new expansion to their ACA compliant services. Although some providers approached this year's ACA reporting requirements as a practice run, benefitexpress' immersive approach successfully produced over 200,000 correct 1095-C forms and delivered them by the IRS-mandated deadline.

"The ACA module was built as part of our already robust employee enrollment system. Therefore, we are able to handle complex reporting requirements in a systematic and timely manner," said Tim McLaughlin, Vice President of Product Development and IT. "Not to belittle the complexities, but our system was built from inception to handle nuances and complexities like this. It was really a no-brainer to offer this service and get it done correctly."

While other companies are still producing corrections and struggling to file with the IRS, benefitexpress clients are enjoying the satisfaction of knowing that they won't have to worry about penalties and are looking to the future of having benefitexpress taking even more of the worry out of the ACA reporting requirements. At $250 per form when penalties kick in this upcoming year, benefitexpress’ over 200,000 correctly filed forms would save their clients upwards of $50 million in potential federal penalties, and it’s about to get better. "We don't like to bite off more than we can chew, so we did not offer to file on behalf of the clients this year. Rather, we offered to create the required files and aid clients with the filing. Now that we have an understanding of the requirements, we are happy to announce that we will be offering to file on behalf of our clients next year, continuing to take the burden off the clients," said Monica Hinchey, Vice President, Client Engagement, Marketing, and Channel Partners.

About benefitexpress:

benefitexpress is the leading middle market, cloud-based platform for employee benefits and health exchange services, with a focus on flexibility. By offering technology that integrates all benefits, in a one stop shop, benefitexpress provides simplicity to complex plans and offers a very custom-made experience to engage and educate employees while offering employers an ease of benefit management that is unmatched in market. benefitexpress provides a full range of services including, benefit enrollment, management and administration as well as direct bill services, reimbursement account administration, carrier bill reconciliation, total compensation statements, and a full service call center.

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