5 Free HR E-Books to Read This Labor Day Weekend

Written by Allison Loehman | August 31, 2018

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Whether you are spending your Labor Day relaxing at the beach, or curled up on the couch with a cup of coffee, there are few better ways to soak up the last days of summer than with a good read.

Here are five (plus one bonus) hr e-books to binge now and bookmark for future use. 

annual-enrollment-survival-guide1) Annual Enrollment Survival Guide

Take your open enrollment communication strategy to the next level when you employ the ideas provided in this free HR e-book. Our personal favorite suggestion? Consider creating personas that segment your employees based on key traits, then develop tailored communication to reach each group before, during and after open enrollment. 

employers-roadmap-to-aca2) An Employer's Roadmap to ACA

With ACA reporting season fast approaching, take a few minutes to brush up on your knowledge of the legislation and required paperwork. This e-book even includes a handy infographic to help you master the series 1 codes for line 14 on the 1095-C form. Need ACA help beyond an e-book? Check out out ACA compliance solutions.    

state-of-the-workplace3) The State of the Workplace

How do you help protect the financial future for your baby boomer employees, retain Gen X talent, mentor millennials, and inspire a new generation of digital natives to believe in the value of their employee benefits? Download this e-book to find out!

millennial-employee-benefits-guide4) Millennial Employee Benefits Guide

Make sure millennial employees know how to truly appreciate and take advantage of the different health care plans and voluntary benefits you offer. This guide covers everything from understanding the "ins" and "outs" of health care providers, to empowering millennials to devise a solid health and financial strategy. 

best-introduction-to-health-savings-accounts5) The Best Introduction to Health Savings Accounts

Here is a comprehensive, and easy-to-read resource to provide employees who have questions about their health savings accounts (HSA)? This introductory e-book details the origins of the HSA, why employees should consider a HSAs and how to establish and use an HSA.

But wait - there's more! Here's a bonus e-book for those interested in data analytics.

data-analytics-playbookThe Data Analytics Playbook

Although this e-book was written primarily for our insurance broker clients, HR pros might be interested to learn how to use data analytics from benefits enrollment technology and decision support tools to help employees better identify costs, compare their options and get personalized insight to make more informed financial decisions about health care benefits - lowering employer costs in the process.

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