5 LinkedIn Posts You May Have Missed — Plus a Bonus!

Written by Julia Goebel | October 13, 2018

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Let's face it; annual enrollment is a busy time, and chances are — you might be playing catch-up. Here's a quick refresher on topics you may have missed on your LinkedIn feed.

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Why do talented benefits administration professionals do what they do? Check out our team's “Why.”

2) Choose a ben admin partner in 23 steps:
Avoid the chaos that often surrounds annual enrollment and consider outsourcing your benefits administration to the pros in 2019. Or, if you're already outsourcing, ask yourself how your current provider measures up. This 23-point checklist will help you quickly and thoroughly evaluate a potential benefits administration partner.

3) But if you're really busy then do just this one step:
If there was only one tip - one simple tip - we suggest you follow when evaluating a potential benefit administration partner, it would be this one:

4) Millennial Enrollment:
It’s not too late to get your millennial employees invested in the annual enrollment experience. Check out these considerations to help millennial employees devise a solid health and financial strategy, setting them up for success when open enrollment hits.

5) 24/7 Employee Engagement:
To really engage your employees, develop an ongoing communication plan. Check out these best practices to supercharge your benefits communication.

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Benefits administration and enrollment should be easy for everyone. Learn how — when done properly — you can improve your pre-enrollment communication efforts and drive participation when you download our annual enrollment survival guide e-book. Click here to download the free e-book!


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