How (and Why!) to Adopt a Best-in-Breed HR Technology Strategy

You’ve heard the age-old expression, “you can’t be all things to all people”.

Today, that especially rings true in the world of human resources and benefits information technology. 

While human capital management systems (also known as HCM or 'all-in-one') were once the norm in the world of benefits administration providers, the demand for best-in-breed Human Resources technology is quickly growing. 

After years of grappling spiraling health benefit costs, many employers have changed their entire approach to combating that trend. Now, employers are shifting more of the burden of paying for health benefits to employees, while simultaneously attempting to increase employee comprehension of benefits.

As a result, many employers instead see promise in steering employees to choose health care with confidence and can help in achieving that goal by working with an expert best-in-breed benefits platform provider.

E-book takeaways include:

  • The value of going beyond transaction execution and seeking a consultative provider
  • Advantages and disadvantages of a Human Capital Management System (HCM) 
  • Advantages of a best-in-breed benefits administration strategy
  • Maximizing the relationship with your best-in-breed HR technology provider

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