Benefitexpress communication services

We understand the importance of keeping communication at the forefront of your organizational strategy. Benefitexpress offers a suite of services that will make communicating with your staff easier than ever. Whether it’s open enrollment campaigns, benefits microsites, direct mail pieces or email communications, the benefits and communication experts of benefitexpress can provide a range of strategic communication services for all client sizes and budgets. 


Creative design and communications professionals

We’ll create branded communications materials to effectively communicate with and engage employees throughout the calendar year. From Open Enrollment, information about benefits and company-wide announcements, our creative designs will grab the attention of employees and spark engagement. Whatever your message, we’ll take it from conception to completion.

  • Custom communication pieces designed specifically for your target audience and brand
  • Microsites  that provide a complete snapshot of your company’s benefits offerings—easily accessible any time, from any device
  • Open enrollment workshops with key stakeholders to create a comprehensive open enrollment communication plan

Communication materials and microsites

We offer a wide variety of content materials to provide custom strategic messaging. 

Open enrollment packages and workshops

We review enrollment priorities, key messaging and specific mediums to deliver a comprehensive open enrollment communications plan. 

  • Digital communication
    Using Strategic HTML email campaigns, we're able to keep employees up-to-date on open enrollment, company-wide announcements or changes in your organization
  • Print communications 
    We create posters, postcards, brochures and more designed to boost participation and the open enrollment experience
  • Transition communications
    We'll develop a custom transition campaign that effectively communicates the transition from one benefits platform to the benefitexpress model
  • Microsites
    Quickly and easily communicate important benefits information outside of the traditional enrollment portal—with or without a password



  • Communication planning 
    Our experienced communications team will work with your organization's key stakeholders to identify pain points and special messaging
  • Campaign creation  
    We then develop a custom open enrollment campaign that makes use of a variety of mediums while offering employees resources and access to a contact center for questions
  • Campaign launch 

    From kick-off emails, to online microsites targeted by benefits class, we'll make sure the right message reaches the right employee at the right time – helping you conduct your most successful open enrollment yet!