If you’re wondering whether we work with your industry, the answer is yes.

One of our biggest strengths is flexibility — our platforms and processes can easily adapt to a wide range of business types and needs, giving us the power to help you simplify your benefits administration, regardless of your company’s size or industry.

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Big, small or in between, benefitexpress can help your company.

Since 2001, we’ve worked with thousands of companies of every size and specialty, and we think our over 90% client referenceability rating speaks to the success we’ve helped them achieve. Our current clients include 70+ large-market employers, 150+ broker clients and more than 200 additional clients who use our standalone COBRA, FSA, ACA and dependent audit services.

Today, more than 1.7 million employees and 3.5 million participants use our technology to manage their benefits, and we’re always excited to help new clients streamline and optimize their administration processes. We are dedicated to quality, growth and continuously improving the breadth and depth of our benefits knowledge across industries.

Who we help — and how.

We’re confident we can help any organization streamline their benefits administration, but there are a few fields where our background and expertise really shine. Read on to learn exactly what we do to help clients working in these common industries.

Hospitals & Health Systems

Our strongest vertical, more than 25% of our clients are in the healthcare and hospital industry.

How we help them:

  • Administer complex benefits for all employee types
  • Provide employees with an educational, guided benefits enrollment experience
  • Help employees feel confident in their healthcare choices
  • Improve employee engagement, resulting in what matters most: better care for patients



Educational organizations have to cover eligible employees throughout the year, with flexibility to accommodate a range of compensation models.

How we help them:

  • Make complicated plans easy to administer
  • Handle your unique challenges, from coverage to compensation
  • Offer employees a guided, educational enrollment experience that explains the value of your benefits offerings
  • Improve employee engagement and satisfaction


State and local, union and federal, we’re ready to help governments and governmental organizations navigate the complex laws and regulations that govern their benefits. 

How we help them:

  • Provide employees with a guided enrollment experience
  • Support employees with a knowledgeable, dedicated team of human resource pros
  • Improve employee engagement and satisfaction

Retail & Restaurants

Consumer businesses want to focus on what they do best — creating exemplary customer experiences — and let the experts handle benefits.

How we help them:

  • Administer benefits for full-time, part-time and seasonal employees
  • Offer employees an educational and guided benefits enrollment experience
  • Empower employees to choose healthcare with confidence
  • Improve employee engagement, leading to increased customer satisfaction


Industrial professionals deal with complexity every day, which is why they’re more than happy to let us take the challenges of benefits administration off their plates.  

How we help them:

  • Administer benefits for all employee types and benefits classes to maximize ROI
  • Provide flexible enrollment technology to meet the varied needs of your workforce
  • Offer employees an educational and guided benefits enrollment experience
  • Improve employee engagement and retention

Flexible, powerful technology.

Our core benefits system and portal can accommodate any benefits program, regardless of complexity. Here’s what makes our system different.

One Hub One Hub Our portal gives your employees easy access to all the tools and information they need to understand, enroll in and use their benefits.  
Flexible, Agile Rules Flexible, Agile Rules Our entire system is customizable, including display, content, available documents and plan offerings.  
Mobile-Friendly Interface Mobile-Friendly Interface Our responsive website and mobile app make it simple for you and your employees to access benefits anywhere, any time.  
Expert Design Expert Design Our portal was designed by benefits experts to solve the problems they face every day, making it uniquely able to tackle complex benefits challenges.  
Easy Updates Easy Updates Our update process is simple and fast, saving you from expensive change order fees and endless update timelines.  
Complete Data Access Complete Data Access Our clients have full access to all the data in our portal, with a dashboard offering reports, analytics, administrative follow-up reminders and more.  

No matter your industry, we’re ready to help.

Our deep knowledge and robust technology allow us to adapt to just about any client’s situation and needs. If you’re ready to learn how benefitexpress can help your organization streamline their benefits administration, learn more or get in touch today.

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