ACA services

Our Affordable Care Act (ACA) services are uniquely served to relieve the burden of knowing the intricacies of IRS regulations and turns the process into a simple "one-click" solution. Our ACA services provide an efficient method to regulate data year-over-year, as well as audit information and e-file to the IRS. 

Our dedicated ACA team is prepared to assist employers and advisors with any and all questions that arise and can help navigate
legal compliance

Our ACA services also: 

  • Properly import and measure data allowing for a higher standard of accuracy
  • Track audited workflows, help determine benefits eligibility, and calculate affordability for benefits-eligible employees 
  • Make ACA compliance easier for companies to reduce their exposure to ACA penalties and assessments by eliminating all potential risks

Learn more about how benefitexpress provides the most cohesive method to manage data year-over-year by downloading our product sheet.


ACA Services

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