Simplify ACA Management

We provide the most cohesive method to manage data year-over-year, effectively audit information, and successfully e-file to the IRS. 

Why benefitexpress?

Our ACA services turn the reporting process into a simple “one-click” solution. We provide an efficient method to regulate data year-over-year, as well as audit information and e-file to the IRS. Plus, our dedicated ACA team is prepared to assist employers and advisers with questions and can help navigate legal compliance issues.

  • Deliver a complete solution for IRS reporting
  • Provide signature-ready forms
  • Ensure year-round eligibility compliance
ACA reporting services




  • Our fully outsourced, end to-end solution makes it easy to switch from your current ACA solution
  • Reduce the possibility of data or filing mistakes occurring with complex data aggregation
  • Decrease the amount of time spent on monitoring ACA regulation changes and IRS reporting
  • Provide complete, signature-ready 1094 and 1095 forms 

Ideal for:

  • Properly import and measure data allowing for a
    higher standard of accuracy
  • Track audited workflows, help determine benefits
    eligibility, and calculate affordability for benefits eligible employees
  • Reduce exposure to ACA penalties and assessments by eliminating all potential risks