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ACA Forms, Tracking, and Filing

Pure HR Joy

When your data is accurate and you can click a button to file – it’s pure HR joy. With benefitexpress' ACA solution, you have the most cohesive method to manage your data year-over-year, effectively audit information, and successfully E-file to the IRS.

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ACA measurement periods

Measurement Periods

  • Set-up multiple measurement, administrative, and stability periods based on various employee categories.
  • Track, review, and manage initial measurement & standard measurement periods.
  • Periods can be classified by employee categories and divisions.
ACA analytics lines


  • Interactive dashboard to review your company's affordability ratio.
  • View alerts monitoring employee status changes.
  • Evaluate status based on hours loaded.
ACA notifications exclamation


  • Automatic trigger of model exchange notices.
  • Track & manage open notice submissions.
  • Digital PDF saved to employee's record.
ACA magnifying glass

Pay or Play

  • Identify your company's costs compared to any potential penalties.
  • Determine applicable large group status.
  • Assess FTE equivalency.
  • Calculate penalties based on transition relief or standard rules.
ACA reporting clipboard


  • 1094-B / 1095-B and 1094-C / 1095-C.
  • Populated and signature-ready.
ACA e-file folder


  • Validate employer and employee forms.
  • View acknowledgement.
  • Click-to-file.
  • Check ongoing status submission.

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Looking for benefit administration technology? Let's keep it simple. You set it up. We'll do the administration.

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You use our technology AND receive our benefit wisdom! We'll work together to ensure a smooth benefit administration & enrollment experience.

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Full Service

The whole kit and caboodle! This is our all-inclusive option, including: technology, our benefit wise project management & support, and Customer Care Center.

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