Meet the team leading benefitexpress

Our company was founded with the belief there was a better way to offer employee benefits. For years, this belief has driven the way we do business. In our founding years, a commitment to creative problem solving, flexible systems and accountable service helped us grow and become the top benefits administration company of choice for enterprise businesses and insurance professionals.

Our Leadership Team

benefitexpress is committed to building the best benefits administration team in the business, period.

Meet the industry experts leading the charge

Our business philosophy

We provide high-quality, client-focused streamlined benefits administration. We do so by leveraging our configurable enrollment system to automate complex processes, creating an error-free flow of information into and out of the platform. We strive to help employers increase employee engagement and understanding of their benefits offerings by providing an intuitive and personalized user experience. Our technology and delivery model is built to serve as an extension of our clients' benefits departments.

Our Board

Meet the visionaries responsible for our strategic direction. As is evident, we're led by notable experts with years of experience developing industry-leading companies. We believe this is a critical factor in a client’s decision to work with benefitexpress.

Benefit wise. Relationship driven.