ACAManager Release | January 2017

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The Latest Release is Here

For full details, explore the release notes.

Download the updated ACAManager Software Manual here.

Software Highlights

2016 Form Updates

The software is updated to reflect significant IRS changes to:

  • 1094 and 1095 C/B forms
  • Transition Relief for the Employer Shared Responsibility payment
  • Affordability - Increased from 9.56% to 9.66%

New Code Reports

Brokers and employers can now review every code (on each employee form) before electronic submission. A 1095-C code report is available for those that e-File with ACAManager and captures:

  • Every employee recipient of a 1095-C form
  • Line 14 and 16 codes generated on the employee form

The new reporting functionality eliminates the burden of reviewing one report at a time.

Address Page

  • 1094 and 1095 C/B forms include an address cover page with the PDF download
  • Eliminates need to print/add separate address labels
  • Includes Company ID and Employee ID to improve the printing/distribution process

Increased Security

In compliance with the IRS’ 2016 reporting modifications, employers can provide forms without security risk:

  • Ability to mask employee SSN on printed and delivered documents
  • Unmask for IRS submission requirements

Single Import Solution

  • Simplify changes to employee eligibility records
  • Capture a year’s worth of status changes at one time

For more details, explore the full release notes.

Download the updated ACAManager Software Manual here.

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