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Built by Benefit Experts

Our product suite is customized for employers and insurance brokers to deliver a highly personal employee benefit experience – with the trust that (quite simply) it’s done right.

Online Benefits Enrollment Computer

Online Benefits Enrollment

Enrolling in benefits is usually considered a chore. Expect to change that experience with an online enrollment hub that streamlines and integrates interactions and exceeds expectations.

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ACA Compliance Technology

ACA Compliance Technology

With our ACA compliance solution, you have the most cohesive method to manage data year-over-year, effectively audit information, and successfully E-file to the IRS.

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Reimbursement Administration Cards

Reimbursement Administration

Need to track / reimburse claims? benefitexpress will remove the administrative burden with our reimbursement services: FSA, HSA, HRA, and more.

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Total Compensation Statements Chart

Total Compensation Statements

Need to communicate the full value of the benefits offered to employees? Offer them a simple and complete picture (through an online or paper statement) of what they receive.

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Direct Billing Administration Umbrella

COBRA & Direct Billing

Is sending bills to former employees messy? Employees who are no longer on the payroll system can be tricky to bill. See our solution specifically designed for COBRA, retiree, and LOA administration.

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Customer Care Center Employee

Customer Care Center

Sometimes you just need to talk to a person! We are at-the-ready for each and every call. Each interaction is focused on three things: support, action, and accountability.

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Calculate Your ROI with a Dependent Eligibility Verification Audit

As you assess your health costs after open enrollment, the most significant is the cost of ineligible dependents. A dependent eligibility audit will maximize your health dollars, so you can invest in the health and wellness of your workforce. Estimate your savings with our free calculator!

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Are You Benefit Wise?

The only thing constant about benefits is that it's always changing. We post legislative updates, compliance issues, and the impact they have on benefit administration. We do this to help clients stay ahead of the game. Explore some of our recent and upcoming content:

State of the Workplace Guide

Guide | The State of the Workplace

Read the one-of-a-kind guide to the four generations changing the workforce.

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Elevator Case Study

Case Study | Global Elevator Success

Here is the success story of a company determined to simplify their benefits. No short cuts – just the ingenuity of a smart platform and a take charge team to make it happen.

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Covert Taxes: Spying Issues in Health & Welfare Benefits

Covert Taxes: Spying Issues in Health & Welfare Benefits

Learn who you must cover to pass the Benefits Test, non-discrimination issues in benefits taxation, and which plans are covered.

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State of the Workplace Guide

It's a multigenerational workforce, and we're all living in it. The State of the Workplace isn't just another generic engagement resource. It's a one-of-a-kind guide to the four generations changing the workforce.

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